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Kidologists are people with the research-based knowledge coupled with real life mom experience that they want to invest in their clients. We approach child development from a “playground perspective” because we know that no two child are alike. While some of our kids prefer digging in the sandbox just as many of them would rather be swinging through the air!


We believe in the natural environment as a place to observe children and parents most comfortably and accurately. We provide in-person sessions throughout Connecticut, New York and select parts of New Jersey. While guiding our parents through child development we also provide them with personalized materials for their parenting wants, needs, and styles.

Our most popular visits include but are not limited to:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Potty Training
  3. Feeding and Eating
  4. Sibling Preparation
  5. Sibling Rivalry
  6. Baby Concierge Services
  7. Behavioral Challenges
  8. Anxiety

Additionally, we provide assessments and evaluations plus ongoing services for children with special needs and learning differences.



Phone Consultations:

Being a parent means being busy 24/7! We understand your time is precious so we offer phone consultations for moms, parents and caregivers.


Caregiver Training:

Searching for Mary Poppins? Let us train and educate your caregiver to create the greatest possible learning and growing environment for your family. We will work together to educate your caregiver in all domains of childhood development.


Enviornment Consultations:

Overwhlemed by all the “stuff” that has taken over your house since becoming a parent? We can help you create a nursery, playroom, home that is organized and appropriate for your child’s stage of development. Have a child with special needs? We are experts in being sensory sensitive when it comes to creating a healthy home environment for children of all needs.


Baby Concierge:

Being a new mom is mysterious. What bottle should I purchase? Which pacifiers are the best? How do I figure out which bouncy seat to register for? Let us guide you through this process so that you can relax both mentally and physically prior to giving birth. We do it all from the registry to baby proofing to setting up your nursery!


Couples Study:

Rather than refer to it as “Couples Therapy” during our “Couples Study” we will work with parents, whether they are married or divorced, in order to study their parenting styles and tackle their parenting challenges. With an objective child development expert as your coach you will be able to meet your parenting goals swiftly and effectively.



Whether you are a mom to be, first time mom or mom to multiples let us provide you with the greatest support service for your ongoing needs. Currently, we service moms in the New York City metro area, Fairfield County (CT) and Westchester County (NY).


Talks and Seminars:

From Schools to Book clubs we travel all of the United States to discuss parenting, child development, and behavior. We can work around your wants and needs to prepare an interesting, entertaining, and appropriate presentation for your group. Our talks are interactive making audience members feel included in our presentations. Our goal is for parents, educators and therapists to feel comfortable to ask us any question about their child, patient or student.

Popular topics include but are not limited to: Developmental Milestones, Social-Emotional Development, Purposeful Play, Positive Reinforcement and Discipline, Parenting, Potty Training, Healthy Sleep Habits, Communication and Language, School Readiness, Advocating for your Child, Attachment and Seperation, and Transitions.